Taking art seriously

I studied Film and TV at the National College of Arts (NCA), one of the premiere arts institution of Pakistan. While NCA allowed me to become an artist, it was Beaconhouse National University (BNU) which taught me the skills of marketing and promotion. Both are important in this, nay any field. While NCA allowed me … Continue reading Taking art seriously


‘Motorcyle Girl’: Riding with an empty tank

What is common between a woman and an automobile? Apparently not much. A woman is a human being, fueled by emotions while an automobile is all fuel and no emotions. But in most languages, both are referred to as a feminine gender. And to the chagrin of the feminist ideologues, beautiful and curvy cars are … Continue reading ‘Motorcyle Girl’: Riding with an empty tank

‘102 Not Out’-of misleading title and life with ‘death wish’

South Asia is obsessed with cricket, so is Bollywood. Cricket stars usually overshadow Bollywood stars. Mega superstar ladies have run after cricket heroes, some ending up tying the knot. In recent years, there have been several cricket based movies such as: “Lagan”, “Patialia House”, “Iqbal”, “Azhar”, “Dhoni” and the list goes on. “102: Not Out” … Continue reading ‘102 Not Out’-of misleading title and life with ‘death wish’